22 jul. 2013

BS002 Horrendus / Viento Nokturno "La Bruja Y La Llave" Split tape


Bajo el Sepulcro Productions presents a second production:
Black Metal invoking the perversity of the old days!

Horrendus from México
Viento Nokturno from USA

Edition limited to 30 copies on cassette format, professional printing.
The first 10 copies include:
- Tape with red sticker
- White Poster
- Wooden cross (of the whore daughter of God)

Special Version

Regular Version

2 jul. 2013

BS001 Venus Libitina "Unholy Black Bledding Pussy" Bajo el Sepulcro Productions


First production under the label BAJO EL SEPULCRO PRODUCTIONS, limited to 11 copies on cassette format, Venus Libitina is an international project with members of México and Finland, black metal, hypnotic, raw and full of blasphemous filth.

Atropodos Mortha : Black Strings and Holy Vomit
Neurotic: Rape Machine