28 jun. 2014

BS015 Moonknight / Horrendus Split Clear Tape


Bajo el sepulcro Productions Ejaculated:

Moonknight / Horrendus (USA / MÉX) Split Clear Tape, limited edition of 50 copies hand numbered, first copies include a poster.

Horus is the mind behind Moonknight, long ago in the metal scene, one of his projects LORD FOUL (RIP) for the past years, play Black Metal seriously!
 And to date is bursting minds and ears with their music!

Atropodos Mortha is the dick inside of Horrendus. Play all instruments, kissing the ass of the nun, ejaculated in the hole of God and vomits everything!

Cover art by Coatzin.

contact: bajoelsepulcroprods@hotmail.es

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